Magic Codes

Magic Codes is a pro­gram that allows you to play around with coded mes­sages. At it’s very basics, with­out any sort of cryp­to­graphic or ana­lyt­i­cal plu­g­ins, it can help you per­form sim­ple con­ver­sions between data for­mats like text, binary, and hex. Add into that a plu­gin archi­tec­ture and you can per­form lim­it­less oper­a­tions on any of these data types.

Out of the box, it ships with a hand­ful of plu­g­ins. With the power of Java inter­faces, it takes mere min­utes to add new func­tion­al­ity.

Please pro­ceed directly to the automatically-generated project site.


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