Current Projects

  • [2011] Sudoku Scraper — Ruby — Author — A Ruby script to scrape the USA Today and New York Times daily sudoku puz­zles, gen­er­at­ing a sin­gle, uni­fied PDF of both puz­zles, suit­able for fold­ing into a double-sided 3x5 card.
  • [2011] pwgenHTML5 — Author — A secure pass­word gen­er­a­tor HTML5 “app” for the iPhone and other plat­forms that runs entirely offline in JavaScript.  Once ini­tially loaded from the inter­net, it can be added to your iPhone’s home screen and will never need a net­work con­nec­tion again.
  • [2011] WikiPub — Ruby — Author – WikiPub is a Ruby script that will take a WikiLeaks archive, scan it, and con­vert it into an ePub that you can load into your book-reader of choice.
  • [2010] Mantis bug tracker: ForceFixedInPHP — Author — A plu­gin to extend the Mantis bug tracker that enforces a par­tic­u­lar work­flow. Specifically, when a bug is marked as resolved, this plu­gin requires a fixed-in ver­sion to be entered.
  • [2010] Mantis bug tracker: TagColumnPHP — Author — A plu­gin to extend the Mantis bug tracker that lets you include a “Tags” col­umn when view­ing a list of issues.
  • [2009] LJProxyPHP — Author — A PHP-based proxy for get­ting LiveJournal entries (includ­ing friend-locked ones) into Google Reader.
  • [2009] Snazzy-Archives, FilteredPHP — Contributor — A more visual rep­re­sen­ta­tion of WordPress blog post archives.
  • [2008] Unfiction Member BingoPHP — Author — A per­sonal twist on last year’s ARG Buzzword Bingo: the top Unfiction posters on bingo cards.
  • [2007] ARG Buzzword BingoPHP — Author — Buzzword bingo with ARG–spe­cific words
  • [2007] Wiki 1-sheet ReferencePDF — Author
  • [2007] Javascript Mine Sweeper — JavaScript — Author — A basic imple­men­ta­tion of MineSweeper done entirely in JavaScript. Emphasis on “basic.”
  • [2007] RookmarksPHP — Author — an appli­ca­tion allow­ing mul­ti­ple edi­tors to main­tain a set of Firefox live book­marks
  • [2007] wcapOS X and Linux, C — Author — a packet snif­fer that under­stands HTTP and dis­plays URLs
  • [2006] Hipster PDA Templates — n/a — Author — A hand­ful of Hipster PDA tem­plates
  • [2003] wmap — Linux, C++ — Author — Scans web servers for com­mon fold­ers and files.


Deprecated Projects

The fol­low­ing projects are no longer sup­ported and are men­tioned for purely his­toric rea­sons. For the major­ity of these projects, the code and resources no longer exists online.

  • [2005] CodesOS X Widget — Author — A Dashboard wid­get for per­form­ing ROT-n, BASE-64, and sev­eral other text encod­ing trans­la­tions.
  • [2005] GalSync — Linux, C++ — Author — A pro­gram designed to syn­chro­nize the albums in your PHP Gallery appli­ca­tion with files in local fold­ers.
  • [2005] Cryptoslam/Applet — Any, Java Applet — Author — A pro­gram to cre­ate, work with, and solve sim­ple sub­sti­tu­tion cyphers: the types of cyphers you find in puz­zle mag­a­zines and in the puz­zle sec­tion of the funny pages.
  • [2004] MagicCodes — Java — Author — A pro­gram that allows you to play around with coded mes­sages.
  • [2004] TastySafariOS X, Java — Author — Download your sub­scribed links on into Safari.
  • [2001] Cryptoslam/Linux — Linux, C++ — Author — A pro­gram to cre­ate, work with, and solve sim­ple sub­sti­tu­tion cyphers: the types of cyphers you find in puz­zle mag­a­zines and in the puz­zle sec­tion of the funny pages.
  • [2004] iGalleryOS X, Java — Author
  • [2004] Barcode Processor — Any, Java — Author — A col­lec­tion of Java classes that will per­form basic image recog­ni­tion on a bar­code image.
  • [2003] SpamBoinkCheese — Any, C — Author — Convert text to/from SpamBoinkCheese encod­ing.
  • [2003] SoleSeekOS X, ObjectiveC — Coauthor — An OS X client for the SoulSeek P2P net­work.
  • [2003] iTunes Open RemoteOS X, ObjectiveC — Author — An OS X server appli­ca­tion and POSIX client app for remotely con­trol­ling iTunes
  • [2003] robotfind­skit­ten — any Java web browser, Java — Author — “A Zen sim­u­la­tion.”
  • [2002] MobileLJ — Some mobile phones, Java 2 Micro Edition — Author — A Java client for J2ME devices (cell­phones, pagers, and PDAs) that allows post­ing to a LiveJournal online jour­nal.
  • [2002] LJRandPic — Any, Java — Author — Grabs ran­dom user pic­tures from LiveJournal.
  • [2001] Enigma’s Game Editor — PalmOS, C — Author — PalmOS pro­gram to edit your save game files.
  • [2000] Am I Geek or Not? — Any, PHP — Author — Website code that uses Apache and MySQL, allow­ing you to cre­ate your very own “Am I ___ Or Not” site.
  • [2000] Dreamcast Homebrew — Dreamcast, C, Assembly — Author, Contributor — Various VMU pro­grams, includ­ing some frame­buffer char­ac­ter gen­er­a­tor rou­tines.
  • [2000] BT2K — Windows, VC++ — Author — An email plu­gin for BO2K.
  • [1999] SilkRope — Windows, VC++ — Author — Program allow­ing BO/BO2K to be bound to another appli­ca­tion.
  • [1999] BO/BO2K Plugins — Windows, VC++ — Author — Various BO/BO2K plu­g­ins
  • [1996] DiabloTrainer — Windows, VC++ — Author — The orig­i­nal DiabloTrainer

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