Hipster PDA Title Page

This page is part of the Netninja.com Hipster PDA tem­plates. For more tem­plates see the index of Hipster PDA pages. For details about how I use these tem­plates in my every­day life, look for posts tagged “hip­ster­pda.”
The Title Page is a quick ref­er­ence of my con­tact infor­ma­tion as well as a phone list for impor­tant num­bers. It serves three pur­poses. First, I never remem­ber my own phone num­ber, so it’s nice to have it avail­able at a glance. Second, if my phone (where I keep all of my phone num­bers) breaks and I need to call some­one for help from another phone, I have impor­tant num­bers. Third, if I’m found uncon­scious in a ditch, the author­i­ties can see who to call.

Title Page

I do not offer a down­load­able PDF of this Hipster PDA page because it con­tains my per­sonal infor­ma­tion. You should feel free to dupli­cate the style, theme, or con­cept.

The cen­ter sec­tion — with Yin/Yang and check­boxes — is for peri­od­i­cally enter­ing and revis­ing longer-term goals. The way I tend to beat up my Hipster PDA, I need to replace this title page every month or so. At that time, I revise the long-term goals on this sheet. The style and for­mat have been bor­rowed from the Harmony D*I*Y Planner Template. The four quad­rants are for phys­i­cal, social, men­tal, and spir­i­tual goals. “Spiritual” in this con­text is not nec­es­sar­ily reli­gious; it encom­passes a larger con­text that could include phi­los­o­phy and nature. For me, phys­i­cal might include ongo­ing yoga or get­ting back on to the Wii Fit pro­gram. Social might be mak­ing sure I have enough fam­ily time or catch­ing up with an old friend over beers. Mental could include study­ing or prac­tic­ing new skills or get­ting a few more Project Euler prob­lems com­pleted. The spir­i­tual cat­e­gory fits a lit­tle less well into my life and would typ­i­cally include a hike up and around the local vol­cano to take in the envi­ron­ment.

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