Virgin Vices: Cocktails

A few weeks ago, based on a Boing-Boing review, I picked up a book called Kiddie Cocktails. This is a book of cock­tail recipes con­tain­ing exclu­sively vir­gin cock­tails. I got it because I some­times get a lit­tle tired of fizzy water from the Soda Stream, even if I have five dif­fer­ent kinds of bit­ters to give it a lit­tle fla­vor. And I totally love the color … Continue read­ing Virgin Vices: Cocktails

My recent comic reads

Yesterday I asked about Iron Man comics and stated that I like the new Hawkeye, but that I had pre­vi­ously never got­ten into “super­hero” style comics. So which comics do I like?

Your Iron Man Responses

I don’t really con­sider myself a comic book per­son, but I do have occa­sional stretches where I will get into comics for a few weeks before drop­ping back out of them for months. Recently, I picked up a copy of the new Hawkeye series by Matt Fraction. In fact, I picked up the first issue on Comixology to try it out and … Continue read­ing Your Iron Man Responses

My favorite book, back in 1983

While rewatch­ing Super 8 the other night — a monster-movie film about kids mak­ing a mon­ster movie, with a feel very sim­i­lar to Goonies — I remem­bered a book I had back in 1983 or 1984. Although I had not thought of it in years, the title, “Lights! Camera! Scream!”, and the cover art cen­tered around a cylon-like robot clicked into men­tal focus … Continue read­ing My favorite book, back in 1983

Two great authors and a lecture

Since get­ting the Kindle a few years ago, the amount of time I devote to read­ing has sky­rock­eted. In that time, I have read a lot of great stuff, a few hor­ri­ble things, and reac­quainted myself, through reread­ing, to famil­iar yet for­got­ten works. In that time, a cou­ple of new (at least, new to me) authors and texts rose to the … Continue read­ing Two great authors and a lec­ture


The more I stare at the spines of the books rest­ing, untouched for years, on my wall of shelv­ing, the more I real­ize I may never open them again. As more and more of them become avail­able on iDe­vices and eRead­ers, I tend to reac­quire the titles in dig­i­tal for­mat. Part of me is sad about this. Leather(-like) bind­ings, … Continue read­ing Spines

WikiPub 1.1

This is just a quick note to point folks to the 1.1 update of WikiPub.  This is an incre­men­tal update that adds two options: By default, the WikiLeaks cables are split apart into sep­a­rate ebooks, one per year, instead of one mono­lithic book.  The size of the sin­gle book made some read­ers slug­gish.  There’s an option … Continue read­ing WikiPub 1.1

My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack

I have seen plenty of “iPad Moleskine hacks” out there that all boil down to attack­ing a Moleskine with an X-Acto blade and insert­ing your iPad inside, ren­der­ing the Moleskine’s qual­ity as being a blank book use­less.  The DODOcase is a pro­fes­sion­ally made iPad case that has per­fected the Moleskine-like look.  I really like the style of the DODOcase, … Continue read­ing My reverse iPad/Moleskine hack

The Twitterverse answers my comic book question

As a kid, I never got into comic books all that much. I sus­pect that the only comics I ever read were the free Whiz Kids comics from Radio Shack.  Seriously.  When the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie was on the hori­zon, I picked up the graphic novel upon which it was based.  I love Victorian scifi as well as steam­punk … Continue read­ing The Twitterverse answers my comic book ques­tion