A minor Soylent update

In my last blog post, I talked about my exper­i­ments with Soylent. I’ve updated that blog post with a few minor cor­rec­tions. Although my research showed me the cor­rect scoop size for mak­ing single-servings of Soylent, it failed to reveal that the single-serving size is only about half a meal, calorie-wise: The offi­cial scoop, which came with my … Continue read­ing A minor Soylent update

An experiment with Soylent

Soylent has been on my radar for about a year. For those not in the know, it is a meal in pow­der form, to be mixed into a shake. It’s not peo­ple, nor is it soy. It’s more like a break­fast shake, but not focused on weight loss. It is, instead, focused on giv­ing you the exact calo­ries, vit­a­mins, min­er­als, … Continue read­ing An exper­i­ment with Soylent

Shaving with a Hammam bowl

I’ve writ­ten in the past about my old-timey (pos­si­bly hip­ster) shav­ing setup. I use shav­ing soap, a brush to apply it, and some com­bi­na­tion of safety razor (which takes those cheap unsafe double-edged razor blades) and car­tridge razor (which uses those over­priced dis­pos­able plas­tic multi-blade car­tridges). I like to fin­ish up my shave with a splash of cold … Continue read­ing Shaving with a Hammam bowl

RetroPie Key Remapping

In the last blog post, I showed you how to make a Raspberry Pi emu­la­tor using the Open Source project RetroPie. In this post, I will share with you some inter­est­ing tricks involv­ing key­board map­ping and save states. There are many games that pro­vide some sort of save-game func­tion­al­ity. Maybe that hap­pens through a bat­tery or an EEPROM in … Continue read­ing RetroPie Key Remapping

Building a RetroPie console emulator

A few weeks ago I put together a RetroPie. A RetroPie is a small — smaller than a pack of cig­a­rettes, smaller than a game con­troller — gam­ing sys­tem that emu­lates all of the clas­sic con­soles. There are no car­tridges, only files on disk. There are disk images of each and every car­tridge, with a built-in menu to choose which one to … Continue read­ing Building a RetroPie con­sole emu­la­tor

My work, on display at NAB

It’s not unusual for a prod­uct or ser­vice that I played some small part in design­ing and build­ing to appear at an indus­try trade show, whether that’s CES or NAB or whathaveyou. But this year, a device in which I was a lot more inte­gral in the hands-on design and man­u­fac­ture appeared. I not only designed a highly vis­i­ble part, but also 3D printed … Continue read­ing My work, on dis­play at NAB

Most maidens are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves…

Stories have changed, my dear boy,” the man in the grey suit says, his voice almost imper­cep­ti­bly sad. “There are no more bat­tles between good and evil, no mon­sters to slay, no maiden in need of res­cue. Most maid­ens are per­fectly capa­ble of res­cu­ing them­selves in my expe­ri­ence, at least the ones worth some­thing, in … Continue read­ing Most maid­ens are per­fectly capa­ble of res­cu­ing them­selves…

30 seconds on the monorail

The Seattle Monorail sta­tion has a set of tele­vi­sions dis­play­ing a “fun facts” video loop of ani­mated info­graph­ics. It’s an inter­est­ing fact-dump of the sorts of things you’d expect: when it was built, who built it, how much it cost to build, how much it cost to ride then-and-now, top speed, how many pas­sen­gers it holds, and so … Continue read­ing 30 sec­onds on the mono­rail

Music on the ground

I lis­ten to a good amount of my music “in the cloud.” At first, that meant Pandora. I’ve since dropped that in favor of Rdio, which does the Pandora radio sta­tion shuf­fle thing, but also lets you pick what you want to lis­ten to, on demand. (As an aside, I have no real opin­ion on Spotify vs … Continue read­ing Music on the ground

College Quidditch

It is the month of March — the month that brings mad­ness to the world of college-level bas­ket­ball. But I’m not going to speak of that because I know very lit­tle of bas­ket­ball matches and teams. I’m going to talk about quid­ditch. You know that quid­ditch is real, right? Through the magic of the inter­net and … Continue read­ing College Quidditch