Simulating electric car ownership

I would love to have an elec­tric car. The vehi­cles that Tesla makes are slick machines with a lot of power and nice ameni­ties, with a well-thought-out user expe­ri­ence. If and when I get a new car, it will def­i­nitely be elec­tric, though I might lean toward some­thing more prac­ti­cal like the Chevy Volt. It has a small gas engine, but it’s … Continue read­ing Simulating elec­tric car own­er­ship

Passwords are like underpants

I saw this tweet­storm fly by on Twitter this morn­ing, mainly from my friend @mink_ette. I wanted to retweet all of them, but refrained from echo­ing them into my own tweet­storm. Instead, I’ve col­lated tweets below into a sin­gle blog post. It appar­ently started with a bad sim­ile from Intel. “Passwords are like under­pants. Change them often, keep them … Continue read­ing Passwords are like under­pants

My quantified fitness

I’ve been exer­cis­ing and watch­ing what I eat for years. But the quan­tifi­ca­tion all started a cou­ple of years ago with a Fitbit. Everyone at work got one as a bonus for mak­ing sales num­bers. I dili­gently tracked step counts and flights of stairs tra­versed. I even went a lit­tle out of my way — get­ting off the bus a stop early or a stop … Continue read­ing My quan­ti­fied fit­ness

On equality, with a digression into toys

I am going to get seri­ous for a few para­graphs, but don’t worry. It will lighten up and there will be cats. Today, in the United States, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is a fed­eral hol­i­day cel­e­brat­ing the life and work of MLK Jr. The world has changed sig­nif­i­cantly since the 60s — and I don’t … Continue read­ing On equal­ity, with a digres­sion into toys

RIP Distraction Mouse

  Distraction Mouse started life under my pil­low. Okay, I think tech­ni­cally he started life in a Chinese fac­tory. He has a plas­tic core with some­thing inside that rat­tles. He’s cov­ered in rab­bit fur (rab­bits that were used for culi­nary pur­poses). But in our house, he started life under my pil­low. We have a kit­ten that, dur­ing the warm … Continue read­ing RIP Distraction Mouse

Switch pinout

In the same “note to future self” vein as my recent hexa­gon math blog post, I’m writ­ing this today more as a note to myself than an infor­ma­tive or fun blog post for the reg­u­lar reader. With increas­ing fre­quency, I have started work­ing with these lit­tle through-hole micro switches: As you can see, there are four pins, two pair. … Continue read­ing Switch pinout

A mason jar of happiness

  Last December or January, I saw (prob­a­bly on Twitter) some­one who was either start­ing or fin­ish­ing a year of a “jar of hap­pi­ness.” I’m not sure exactly what it was called and I could only guess at the details of how he or she imple­mented it, but I decided to adopt it for 2014. Because the details were … Continue read­ing A mason jar of hap­pi­ness

Further adventures in OpenGL: Octocat

As a fol­lowup from my pre­vi­ous OpenGL post: I have now suc­cess­fully ren­dered an exter­nal STL file (a 3D printer object) using OpenGL. And what bet­ter model than the Octocat? Warning: nerd talk ahead. Stop read­ing if you don’t care about the nerdy details. It turns out that I can’t de-dupe the points as I thought I could. The same … Continue read­ing Further adven­tures in OpenGL: Octocat

nvalt, Notesy, and Friends

Yesterday, I wrote an overview of my dig­i­tal note tak­ing process. Today, I will delve a lit­tle more deeply into the textfiles-in-Dropbox work­flow, show­ing exam­ples and screen­shots from spe­cific apps. If you have not yet read the pre­vi­ous post, I sug­gest you do so now. To sum­ma­rize that ear­lier post, all my notes are text (well, Markdown) files, liv­ing … Continue read­ing nvalt, Notesy, and Friends