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scoopAbout a year ago I designed and printed a 1/4 cup mea­sur­ing cup.  You see, I needed a good way to mea­sure cat food.  I only needed the one size, so buy­ing a whole set of mea­sur­ing cups seemed like a waste.  With a MakerBot in the other room, I fig­ured it was best to make just the one size of mea­sur­ing  cup.  It worked well, but the han­dle recently broke off.  I took this as an oppor­tu­nity to not only design and print a bet­ter one, but to share it with the world.

I crafted the orig­i­nal ver­sion in OpenSCAD and para­me­ter­ized some of the vari­ables.  The new Thingiverse Customizer makes these vari­ables more acces­si­ble.  Instead of down­load­ing a script, edit­ing it to plug in your own val­ues, then run­ning it through OpenSCAD to pro­duce an out­put file, you just twid­dle a few knobs in the web UI and down­load your file.



The design of each cup is such that the cup’s width and height are equal. This bet­ter facil­i­tates nest­ing them within one another, though the actual nesta­bil­ity is ulti­mately based on which sizes you have and how thick you make the wall.

If you would like to choose and down­load your own cus­tom mea­sur­ing cup size, check out the Customizer page:


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