Omens and Portents

I can’t say I fully believe in omens, but if I did, today would be one very inter­est­ing day.

I had a dream last night in which I was a ghost.  I was not one at first; I was some guy who was hang­ing out with ghosts.  One of those ghosts was hav­ing prob­lems of an unspec­i­fied nature, so I offered to sub­sti­tute for him for a night or two.

A big, fat crow landed on the win­dowsill this morn­ing, look­ing in at me.  You really don’t think about how big those suck­ers are until one is a meter away, at eye level.  As big as a (small) cat!

This after­noon, I thought I saw our old kitty (all black, save for a white locket on his chest) as I turned a cor­ner of the house.  He got spooked and ran silently up the stairs, as he would often do.  What’s odd about that?  That kitty passed away last year.

The very kitty in the very win­dow
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