My old AirPort Expresses might as well be bricks [Update: Windows saves the day]

So I have a few of those lit­tle power-brick sized AirPort Express WiFi units: In the past, I have found them incred­i­bly use­ful.  They pack away eas­ily and can turn any wired con­nec­tion into a wire­less one or can act as a self-contained bases­ta­tion for mul­ti­ple WiFi devices. Since I have one or two spares and needed one for an upcom­ing thing, I used a pen­cil to push the lit­tle recessed reset but­ton and plugged it in, caus­ing it to revert to fac­tory defaults.  I then loaded up AirPort Utility on my lap­top and was told the device is too old for this ver­sion of AirPort Utility.  Why don’t you down­load an older AirPort Utility, instead? So I did, only to be told upon installing that my OS was too new.  Understandable.  No big deal.  I had just installed OS X Mountain Lion.  I went to another machine that still had Lion on it and tried there.  Same prob­lem.  I think it needs Snow Leopard. At this point, the AirPort Express is a brick.  It’s fully func­tional, it is just stuck at fac­tory defaults and I have no way to con­fig­ure it.  I can only hope that I do not have to recon­fig­ure one of the AirPort Express units I actively use in my home net­work.

EDIT: I was (even­tu­ally) able to get it work­ing by boot­ing an old Windows sys­tem, down­load­ing the Windows ver­sion of the old AirPort Utility, and then plug­ging the AirPort Express directly into the PC.  (It was not able to see the Express if it was sim­ply plugged into the house wired net­work that already has other AirPort devices on it.)

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