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ARG Tools 1.7 Available In App Store

Portland, Oregon, 2012-07-27 — has pub­lished ARG Tools 1.7 for iPhones. This dot-release adds sev­eral new forms of ref­er­ence mate­r­ial includ­ing nau­ti­cal flags, fin­ger­spelling, the Dewey Decimal System, resis­tor color codes, and the moon alpha­bet. This free update can be found on the App Store.

These new fea­tures are in addi­tion to the wealth of exist­ing fea­tures:

  • Encoding/Decoding:
    • ROT-N (from 1 to 26, includ­ing ROT-13)
    • BASE64
    • Vigenere / Beaufort
    • Transposition
    • Substitution
  • Countdown timer pre­dic­tion
  • A list of com­mon English words, let­ters, let­ter pairs
  • Morse code
  • Braille
  • ISO Country Codes
  • Pigpen Cipher
  • Letters to num­bers (1..26) and ASCII
  • Phonetic alpha­bet
  • Mathematical Constants, Prime Numbers
  • Periodic Table
  • Semaphore
  • Roman Numerals
  • Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac
  • Music Notes and their Frequencies
  • Myst Glyphs
  • Quick access to Google, Wikipedia, Sudoku Step-Solving, Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Edit: see also the attri­bu­tion adden­dum blog post.

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