ARG Tools 1.6

Hear ye, hear ye. By decree of the Apple review board, it has been decided that ARG Tools 1.6 is a per­fectly accept­able and ser­vice­able iPhone app that should imme­di­ately be made avail­able to the pub­lic at large.

This ver­sion fixes an egre­gious error in the Morse Code table, namely an extra dash for the “u.” Thank you Suzan. Thank you Curtis and your playtest group.

This ver­sion also adds:

  • an ASCII table
  • the pho­netic alpha­bet
  • the Myst glyphs
  • a list of prime num­bers
  • music notes and their fre­quen­cies
  • a link to the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

For read­ers unaware of the ARG Tools app, it is a set of crypto tools and ref­er­ence mate­r­ial for solv­ing the typ­i­cal sorts of puz­zled you might find in ARGs, puz­zle hunts, and gen­eral puz­zle solv­ing. The tools range from decoder-ring style code­break­ing to count­down timer pre­dic­tion. The ref­er­ence mate­r­ial spans many sorts of alpha­betic encod­ings to music, ele­ments, and coun­tries. Find it on iTunes!

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2 thoughts on “ARG Tools 1.6”

  1. I really wish some­thing like this was avail­able fFor android. There are about a dozen apps to do each thing indi­vid­u­ally, but there doesn’t seem to be one app that does a lot of things well.

    1. I think it would be cool to make an Android app and quite a few peo­ple have asked about one. I may have to build up a FAQ as to why I can’t/won’t:

      — A lot of the core crypto func­tion­al­ity is in Objective-C and would need to be trans­lated to Java.
      — Although I remem­ber Java rea­son­ably well, I’m not sure I have the time to learn all the Android-specific bind­ings for UI and other sorts of inter­ac­tions.
      — The big dif­fer­ences in screen sizes and back but­tons kind of bugs me. I don’t have a sin­gle Android device, much less access to a hand­ful of handheld/tablet ones with dif­fer­ent res­o­lu­tions.
      — And going back to the time thing, I only barely have enough time to main­tain the iOS ver­sion (a language/environment I already know). I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to main­tain mul­ti­ple ver­sions.

      Somebody on Twitter pointed me to Puzzle Pal, but the descrip­tion and screen­shots are a lit­tle lack­ing:

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