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I was talk­ing to zheng3 (site, Twitter, Thingiverse) this morn­ing via Twitter and an idea occurred to me.

It would be great if Thingiverse had a way to subscribe/friend/follow par­tic­u­lar design­ers.  I already fol­low the “fea­tured items” via an RSS link on the home­page, but there are a few peo­ple who reg­u­larly put out great things that are either a lit­tle too niche to get fea­tured or are sim­ply over­looked because Thingiverse users design so many great things every day.

Ideally, the mech­a­nism would be as sim­ple as Twitter or Facebook: go to a user’s page, “sub­scribe” to them, and then twid­dle a noti­fi­ca­tion set­ting that says whether you want noti­fi­ca­tions only on the web­site or via email.  Maybe even the email would be instant or queued up as a daily or weekly digest.

But I had a thought.  I’m sub­scribed to the Thingiverse front page RSS in Google Reader.  Did the other pages have RSS that I just did not notice?  It turns out they do!  You can go to any ran­dom user’s page,, and there is an RSS link for that person’s con­tri­bu­tions.  It may not solve the sub­scribe prob­lem for every­body, but it works well for the nerds already using RSS.  Just cre­ate a folder in your RSS reader of choice and fill it with Thingiverse users using their “things I designed” URLs!

So even if fol­low­ing peo­ple is not an offi­cial fea­ture of the Thingiverse site, with a lit­tle elbow grease (and really, what maker is short on that?), it looks like you can roll your own.

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