ARG/Puzzle Tools: The Next Generation

When this post goes live, the new 1.5 ver­sion of my ARG Tools iPhone app should also be live.  What is ARG Tools, you ask?  It is a col­lec­tion of tools and ref­er­ence mate­r­ial for peo­ple who rou­tinely solve puz­zles: alter­nate real­ity games (ARGs), puz­zle trails, The Game, and what­not.

The app (or, rather, my inter­est­ing in main­tain­ing it) has been dor­mant for quite a while.  Most recently, things like DASH, The Black Letter Game, and WarTron have sparked a newly kin­dled inter­est in refresh­ing it.  This new ver­sion has finally (a year and a half late) hopped on the Retina Display band­wagon and offers a few bug­fixes as well as a few new fea­tures.  Notable changes include:

  • Retina graph­ics
  • Fixed a bug with non-alpha char­ac­ters in the vigenere fam­ily of cipher
  • Added num­ber han­dling to the ROT (rotation/Caesar) ciphers for the Geocachers out there
  • Added a few ref­er­ence sheets:
    • Alphabet-to-numbers
    • Pigpen cipher
    • Math con­stants
    • Periodic table
    • ISO coun­try codes
This ver­sion also removes a few things in an effort to sim­plify the inter­face.  The inte­grated browser is gone in favor of fast-app-switching to Safari.  This makes your book­marklets and his­tory avail­able but, more impor­tantly, hon­ors the sys­tem set­tings for parental access con­trol.  The list of web links has sim­i­larly been shorted to the essen­tials (Google, Wikipedia, and the like).

Tell your friends.  Give it stars in iTunes.

P.S. There is even a 1.6 ver­sion in the works that, so far, adds in a detailed ASCII chart, the pho­netic alpha­bet, the glyphs from Myst, and a list of prime num­bers.  Do you have thoughts on what else might be use­ful?  Write a com­ment or drop a line.

P.P.S. Give me stars.  In iTunes.

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