The Mantis plugins keep coming: Tag Column

Over the week­end, I intro­duced a plu­gin for the Mantis bug track­ing sys­tem that enforeced a “fixed-in” ver­sion when resolv­ing an issue as fixed.  If you missed it, you can visit the ForceFixedIn project page or the related blog post.

Today, I would like to add another Mantis-related plu­gin to my list of projects.  This one, called TagColumn, lets users add a “Tags” col­umn to the View Issues screen. Tagging is a great fea­ture that was added to Mantis a while back, but has always felt a lit­tle half-baked and not quite ready for prime time.  When you are look­ing at an issue, you can view and mod­ify tags.  When you click on a tag, you can see a list of issues that have that tag.  Unfortunately, there is not a good way to show a list of all issues and their assigned tags (if any).  That is what this plu­gin tries to fix. Instead of hid­ing Tags away as an afterthought-feature, it dis­plays them front-and-center on the main bug list.

More infor­ma­tion is avail­able at the project page:

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