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I recently updated my iPhone’s wall­pa­per to some­thing a bit more Halloween-y. Behold:

Brian Halloween iPhone

I like to have my email address on the front screen, but get­ting it to line up has never been easy. With pre­vi­ous wall­pa­pers, I have just thrown it into the image some­where, but I felt this one would look bet­ter with it aligned to the unlock slider.

Researching the dimen­sions of the clock area and unlock slider area was more work than I expected. I finally found some­one with a tem­plate, but it was for­mat­ted as a Keynote file. With a lit­tle export­ing and rejig­ger­ing, I came up with a trans­par­ent PNG iPhone home screen tem­plate. This ver­sion of the tem­plate is a lit­tle more uni­ver­sal than the Keynote file. I hope oth­ers find it use­ful.

In case you would like to know the source of the back­ground image, it is a seamless-background illus­tra­tion of skele­tons from iStock­Photo that I picked up a while back. The font is Eccentric Std from Adobe. Oddly, on this screen­shot, it looks like the font could use a bit more con­trast from its back­ground, but on the iPhone itself it is a lot more leg­i­ble. That prob­a­bly has some­thing to do with LCD screens and gam­mas and other such graphics-y things that I have a pass­ing, but not in-depth, famil­iar­ity with.

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