Thx. (1138)

Yesterday, I was doing some shop­ping that was large enough as to require the car. I parked, top down, in the Fred Mayer park­ing lot and pro­ceeded to shop. Upon return­ing, I found this note hand­writ­ten on the back of a busi­ness card, sit­ting on the driver’s seat:


I should add, at this point, that my license plate (RMRF) is a lit­tle geeky, more obscure that most geek­ery. I’m not sure if it’s more or less geeky than THX-1138.

Geek Cars

Of course, the other side of the card shows it is from a soft­ware con­sul­tant. I have obscured the con­tact details for pri­vacy.


Geekery all around! (In other geeky news, this will be my first attempt at sched­ul­ing some­thing within WordPress to be posted in the future. I won­der if Twitter Tools will under­stand?)

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