Christmas From Aperture Labs

I’m not really all that big on Christmas cards[1]. Every year I receive a few, but never really get around to send­ing any. I’m not sure if it’s because I can be lazy and for­get­ful at times or if it’s because, when fac­ing a mostly blank card with pen in hand, I tend to freeze up and not know what to write. “Merry Christmas!” fol­lowed by sig­na­tures seems a bit too terse. The “fam­ily year in review” newslet­ter seems a bit too imper­sonal. Coming up with some­thing spe­cial and unique on each and every card feels over­whelm­ing. Such is my dilemma with Christmas cards.

Putting all of that out of the way, I thought I’d share one of the most awe­some cards I’ve seen. [info]ari­ock sent this our way a few days ago:



And if you don’t get the ref­er­ences, shame on you. Go out and get your­self a copy of Portal. If me, the guy who plays two com­puter games a year (the other was Bioshock) can play it, you can too.

You may be won­der­ing why he didn’t sign the card? He did–it’s just that the note and sig­na­ture are out of frame in the blank area on the inside of the front flap.

[1] Yes, I call them Christmas cards instead of Holiday cards. At this point in time, the hol­i­day is polit­i­cal and com­mer­cial and no longer ter­ri­bly reli­gious. Hey, wasn’t Christ born in July? Aren’t dec­o­rated trees Pagan? It’s a fed­eral hol­i­day and I’ll call it what it is, political-correctness be damned. And get offa my lawn, you crazy kids! I would have got­ten away with it if it wasn’t for you and your med­dling dog!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas From Aperture Labs”

  1. I’m glad you liked it! I actu­ally got the set late last year and have been wait­ing and wait­ing to send them out. I wanted to get them to peo­ple who were:
    1. Really nice to me the pre­vi­ous year, and almost as impor­tant
    2. Would get the ref­er­ences.

    You obvi­ously were the right choice.

    I also want to point out that I’m not one of those peo­ple who now expects a quid pro quo. I’m one of the worst peo­ple for send­ing cards ever, but these were just too awe­some to not share with friends.

    Well wait. Did you ever send a pic of your­self wear­ing a but­ton??

  2. Button, but­ton, who’s got the but­ton?! Oops–the but­ton deliv­ery occurred dur­ing my sickly time and pho­tographs com­pletely slipped my mind. We’re going to have to come up with an inter­est­ing tableau for that pic­ture because a sim­ple pic­ture seemed... well, bor­ing.

  3. Mine says:

    If the Weighted Companion Cube could speak
    — and the Enrichment Center reminds you that it can­not —
    it would wish you and yours...

    All the Best this Holiday Season!

    A truly mag­nif­i­cent card. I like how it says “Aperture Greetings” on the back. :)

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