Inbox Zero again

Well, I’m back down to inbox zero again. I’ve been at inbox 2 for sev­eral months, mainly because of trouble-tickets I opened (and were quickly fixed) for stuff related to mov­ing Kim’s email from Dreamhost (our web host) to Google Apps for Domains as part of her shut­down. They were mainly place­hold­ers to remind me to do some­thing tech­ni­cal as soon as Kim pulled the trig­ger to final­ize shut­ting things down. Yeah, yeah, yeah–hardcore inbox zero folks will com­plain that they should have been moved out of there and put on a TODO list, but I’m some­times lazy like that. At any rate, they’re gone now and I’m back to zero. It’s the lit­tle achieve­ments in life, ya’ know?

inbox zero-20081006.png

In regards to my Remember the Milk query the other day, I think I’m just going to stick with a good ol’ pen and paper Hipster PDA. There’s just too much over­head with RTM for it to work for me.

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One thought on “Inbox Zero again”

  1. Nice.

    My cur­rent inbox has 500 UNREAD emails. I drew the line at 500 a few months back when I hit the evil 666 and have kept it there. So, I now con­sider this num­ber to equal zero. Total inbox is around 2000 or so.

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