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The screen­saver on the TV is a carousel of pho­tos from I Can Has Cheezburger.   Kim and I were just dis­cussing the gram­mar the other night.
Now, it seems that some­one named Anil has turned a stu­dious eye toward the LOLCATS phe­nom­ena and specif­i­cally the lan­guage.  In his post Cats Can Has Grammar, he looks at the lan­guage of those “cat macros” and deter­mines that there is a way to speak “cat” and do it wrong, mean­ing there has to be an actual gram­mar with rules.  He con­cludes from this that there must there­fore be a grammar–a sort of cre­ole (“cwee­ole”) or pid­gin.  There is even a visual gram­mar.  If it is not a white serif font (Arial Black or Impact) with a black out­line stroke, it is per­ceived as not quite right.

Someone named Stephen noted that there are no long-form kitty pid­gin works — they are all always just one or two images, never longer–and redid the Star Trek trib­ble episode in kitty pid­gin.

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