Flesh is Grass

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Remember, kids: flesh is grass

The above image is from a 1961 book on alchemy chem­istry. The major­ity of the book talks about alchemists and includes things like alchemy sym­bols for things like gold, sil­ver, arsenic, and urine. It illus­trates the par­tic­u­lar type of oven that alchemists use. The book then squeezes atoms, mol­e­cules, mag­net­ism, min­eral hard­ness, mak­ing char­coal, tan­ning ani­mal hides, smelt­ing iron, organic chem­istry, and hydro­gen explo­sions into the last 15 pages.

This was one of sev­eral books that every­one was read­ing fun/dated/just-plain-messed-up pas­sages from at Brian C’s house, when every­one was in town for our wed­ding party. He picked up sev­eral books from a local library that was sell­ing off their older items. I’ve man­aged to scan in the entire alchemy chem­istry book and have assem­bled the pages into a PDF, but will have to wait until I’m on a higher band­width con­nec­tion to upload it some­where. I’m just going to pre­tend that the book is so old that its copy­right has lapsed, putting it in the pub­lic domain, mak­ing it okay for me to do this. A brief con­sul­ta­tion of the Project Gutenberg FAQ states that books pub­lished before 1964 whose copy­right was not renewed in 1992 are in the pub­lic domain, so I’m just going to believe that nobody would want to renew this book’s copy­right.

Next up will be some select pic­tures and pas­sages from the geog­ra­phy book. Those will be posted tonight or over the week­end.

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