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No brain age today. I feel that if I took the test right now, it would either reg­is­ter zero or 99 or infin­ity or some other out-of-bounds value. Two beers, two cof­fees, live music with Eric from Vagabond and the girl with the it-doesn’t-look-nearly-big-enough-to-be-a-bass elec­tric standup bass, the cool gothic/industrial/burningman guy from two East:Meets:Wests ago that ran around danc­ing with gog­gles, grease, and no shirt (he was fully-clothed, not danc­ing, and full of intel­li­gent and funny con­ver­sa­tion last night, though.) This morn­ing, too tired and full of hurty — that sort of mus­cle fatigue in the extrem­i­ties that you don’t get until you’re no longer 25-and-invincible and you haven’t had enough sleep. I don’t think my brain will work prop­erly until later in the day.

Did any­one else notice that in the famous Magritte paint­ing of the guy with an apple obscur­ing his face (Son of Man), he’s actu­ally sort of peer­ing at you from around the side of the apple? I had heard some­thing about that a cou­ple of months ago, but got around to inves­ti­gat­ing it today. It’s sort of creepy.

Yesterday, I went to have lunch by myself and brought along the Nintendo DS to kill a few min­utes while wait­ing for food, check, etc. After plac­ing my order, I loaded up Animal Crossing. The wait­ress stopped by and was amazed by the size of the DS Lite com­pared to her orig­i­nal DS. When she saw what game I was play­ing, she sat down and we geeked out for a few min­utes. I now have a few more Animal Crossing tips. Later, one of the bus­boys stopped to check out the DS, too.

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