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Yesterday: treked through Forest Park. While its 5,000 acres are 5 times as big as Tryon Park, it did not seem quite so dis­tant. No mat­ter where you were, you could always hear some kind of trans­porta­tion noise–be it the road, the free­way, the trains, or the barges on the river. Still, it was a very pretty place. The loop of our hike was sup­posed to be about 8 miles, but ended up being more like 10. It was, basi­cally, sup­posed to be around the Wildwood and Dogwood trails, but we went a lit­tle too far down Wildwood, miss­ing our branch, and went a lit­tle over a half-mile out of the way. Backtracking got us back in the right direc­tion, over a mile later. Things we saw and did:

The Stone House
Picked (and got stuck by) wild black­ber­ries

We also, ran­domly, ran into Sarah walk­ing her dogs. The whole hike was about a mile too long for my yoga-hurty legs and we did not end up back at the car until after dark.

One of these days, I need to get a new cam­era. This one is is an orig­i­nal Canon Elph from 2000 and is start­ing to show its age.

Today: cleaned house, met up with Brian, Brandon, and Feedle at the Barley Mill, drank beer, lis­tened to Coverville, made nachos with more pop­corn shrimp than cheese, and about to take a nap.

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