Collection of Sentence Fragments and Some Complete Sentences

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Made it home safely.
Cats were ecsta­tic to see me.
Cats were double-plus-ecstatic to be able to run around a place the size of the entire house (after being stuck in lit­tle cages with occa­sional runs in the play room, which is the size of a small, unfur­nished bath­room).
Foot blis­ters are almost com­pletely gone, but scabby bits on the pointy side-bones of the feet are still there. There is also still a scabby bit on the front of one shin, where it kept rub­bing against the top of the boot.
The Precious already man­aged to get poo on her­self.
Debating whether or not to start a fire–we missed a week of nasty snow, but returned to the deformed remains of snow­men.
Kate once again fell asleep watch­ing the last episode of Buffy V. Switched to Red Dwarf I.

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