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This is being writ­ten while watch­ing Good Will Hunting. Why? Why not. I liked the movie enough to buy it on DVD. I have not watched it in about 6–12 months. I saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which had a few Afflek/Daemon/Good Will Hunting jokes in it. That, plus talk of maybe pos­si­bly mov­ing to the east coast in another year or two reminded me of my pre­vi­ous stay in Boston and of the movie. Whatever.

I have a friend (“Dude, you really do have a friend in the world?” “Shut up.”) that has been very into a web­site called The Nightmare Project that chron­i­cles people’s night­mares. I thought I would share some recent ones in a freak­ish attempt at writ­ing some­thing. On occas­sion, I still get recur­ring night­mares, which I will leave out of this par­tic­u­lar entry (and prob­a­bly from ANY entry).

Most of the time when sleep­ing, I have been at my girlfriend’s house. There is at least one per­son there that thinks it is inhab­ited by a ghost of some sort. Personally, I am not sure I believe in such things...maybe they exist, maybe they do not...I think I will stay agnos­tic on the prospect until the jury comes in. The first dream revolves around this–maybe it was induced by the sto­ries, maybe it was “con­tact with the other side,” maybe it was some­thing else. Most of the dream has been for­got­ten, but it boils down to me being able to talk to the 2 year old of another per­son liv­ing in the house, who reg­u­larly com­mu­ni­cates with the ghost. I was unable to see or con­tact the ghost itself. Somehow, I knew a pri­ori that the ghost’s name is Anna, with­out talk­ing to it or the kid. The kid was able to “con­trol” the ghost–make it move things around. Specifically, it was a sin­gle die (sin­gu­lar of dice) and a lit­tle plas­tic fig­ure on my girlfriend’s desk. The dream was not too ter­ri­bly scary, but I woke up with a creepy feel­ing.

There was another dream where a doc­tor had to cut open my arm and remove fat (not that I have any to remove!). He grabbed my arm, grabbed a big nasty knife and cut. I do not remem­ber the loca­tion, sit­u­a­tion, or any other details, but I do remem­ber the knife cut­ting into my left arm, down to the bone. It hurt like hell! He sep­a­rated the flesh, and I could see the split flesh and the grey-white stuff in there that looked like ani­mal fat. He pulled it out with a spoon-type thing, and I woke up.

There was a third dream, that was very cyberpunk-like. I remem­ber very few details, though. There were sev­eral tests/tasks that I had to com­plete. I am not sure why, but it prob­a­bly had to do with the final task. The first task was some­thing I do not remem­ber. The sec­ond task had to do with foil­ing the plans of rats try­ing to take over the world. Mind you, not Pinky and the Brain mice, but real dirty smelly flea-ridden mice. For some rea­son, their plan hinged on peo­ple installing and run­ning a pro­gram from a CD. People were too lazy to do this, so the plan fell apart under its own weight. The third task involved a video or DVD of some sort taken from a video cam­era. Some kind of forgery, or a per­son erased from the scenes or some­thing. It was a mys­tery that had to be solved. The fourth task involved either upload­ing by brain into a sys­tem or mak­ing an image of it or some­thing. I had to go to the store and pick up a card­board box (like the kind that tea comes in). Previously, I had hid­den one of these else­where in the store because I knew there would be a short­age when it was nec­es­sary. I bought it, took it home, then pro­ceeded to fol­low the instruc­tions (with­out read­ing them first). It involved mak­ing a strong cup of cof­fee (I think included in the box), tak­ing a syringe (included in the box), and either inject­ing the cof­fee or remov­ing some blood to put into the cof­fee. I couldn’t com­plete this step with­out wak­ing up.

The fourth dream involved a stan­dard­ized test of sorts. My girl­friend is prepar­ing for her LSAT test­ing, so I think I was prob­a­bly affected by it. The test was com­posed of phys­i­cal objects–a flat table-like space with cir­cles drawn upon it, some chess pieces, and some pieces of card­board. The point was to arrange the card­board to form walls so that cer­tain pieces could and cer­tain other pieces could not reach any/all of the spots on the table. The first was easy and involved tak­ing a strip of card­board, slot­ting it, then putting it on end (like a cir­cu­lar or Jesus-fish shaped wall). The pieces on the inside stayed on the inside. The pieces on the out­side stayed on the out­side. The next test was more dif­fi­cult and I could not solve it (yet, in my dream, I knew the cor­rect answer). It was sim­i­lar, only it involved two cir­cu­lar walls, with a strip of card­board bent into an A-frame, so the pieces could use it as a bridge to go between the pools of cir­cu­lar iso­la­tion. Yeah, geeky–but what­ever.

Okay, those are my recent dreams... Had to get them out “on paper,” so to speak.

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